After your baby is born

Women with type 2 diabetes

Managing diabetes after delivery

After your baby is born, your diabetes management plan will need to be reviewed.

If you were taking metformin during pregnancy, this may be continued after your baby is born if your blood glucose levels are outside target levels. If you were changed from tablets to insulin before or during pregnancy, your insulin may be stopped after delivery.

Depending on your blood glucose levels after delivery, your doctor will advise you on whether you still need insulin treatment or whether you may return to treatment with tablets.

If you continue to need insulin the doses will be much lower and will need frequent review especially in the first week after delivery.

You will still need to do frequent blood glucose monitoring after your baby is born. 

Target blood glucose levels after delivery will be higher than your pregnancy targets, to reduce the risk of hypos while you are establishing breastfeeding and a new routine with your baby. It is usually recommended to keep blood glucose levels in the 5–10mmol/L range at this stage. Your diabetes in pregnancy team will discuss changes to your diabetes management plan with you.